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The Top 15 CRM awards, which premiered in 1990, serve as the standard for comprehensive CRM software. The Top 15 are divided into two categories—Enterprise (Upper Mid-Sized to Large companies) and Small & Medium Business (SMB - Small to Mid-Sized companies)—to reflect the changes and growth of the CRM marketplace. 

Each CRM software program undergoes intensive testing at the ISM Software Lab based in Bethesda, Md. Each software program ISM tests is rated according to 208 selection criteria, including 99 business functions, 48 technical features, 34 implementation capabilities, 10 real time criteria and 17 user-support features. With no ownership in or by a vendor, ISM's software analysis is 100 percent vendor neutral and bias free.

ISM offers you the ability to purchase all Top 15 Enterprise and/or SMB CRM Reviews in a package at a deep discount.  We also provide the opportunity to purchase each individual Top 15 Enterprise and/or SMB CRM software review by simply clicking on the "ORDER TOP 15 or INDIVIDUAL REVIEWS" link.



Software Reviews have been completed on products by: companies such as Amdocs Limited, Aptean, Axonom, Ardexus, BPMonline, Clear C2, Firstwave Technologies, FrontRange Solutions, Group Business Software, Infor Global Solutions, Kana, Maximizer Software, Microsoft Corporation, NetSuite, OnContact Software, Optima Technologies, Oracle Corporation, PegaSystems, Sage Software,, SalesPage Technologies, SAP AG, StayinFront, Sugar CRM, Swiftpage and update Software AG

ISM’s Top 15 CRM Software Award winning packages will soon have software updates added to online reviews. The next Top 15 CRM Software winners will be selected in the first quarter of 2015 so to keep packages timely, tested software updates will be added during 2014 at no additional fee.